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Foreign Travel

Assorted Trivia

Just a list of the places I have been, to remind myself that I didn't always spend all my time at home.

  • Majorca I can barely remember this. I must have been about 6 at the time.
  • France (1) A day trip to Boulogne on a coach with a school party
  • Croatia A holiday, but it was still called Yugoslavia then, which shows how long ago it was - about 1982 I think.
  • Italy (1) A day trip to Venice from Yugoslavia.
  • The Netherlands (1) First honeymoon, in Amsterdam. By ferry from Harwich.
  • The Netherlands (2) Back to Amsterdam for my first business trip overseas. The first of many trips to the Amsterdam office.
  • France (2) Many business trips to Velizy near Paris, and quite a few stopovers in Boulogne-Billancourt on the way back from trips elsewhere in Europe.
  • Austria One-day Business trip to Vienna
  • Switzerland One-day business trip to Zurich
  • Germany A couple of business trips to Nurenburg
  • Sweden Business trip to Stockholm for a couple of weeks.
  • Belgium One-day business trip to Brussels
  • Italy (2) A couple of business trips to Milan. One during the Italia 90 world cup.
  • Denmark Couple of business trips to Copenhagen.
  • Portugal Holiday on the Algarve. Rented a 6-bed villa from an ex-boss just for two of us.
  • France (3) Excursions to Versailles, Rheims and other towns during stopovers in Paris.
  • Corfu (1) 10-day holiday in the South of the island
  • USA (1) First business trip outside Europe. Stayed in Connecticut but visited New York at the weekend.
  • Hong Kong One-day stopover on the way to visit the Australia office.
  • Australia Three visits to Sydney for business, staying for a total of eight weeks.
  • Singapore (1) An eight-hour stopover on the way back from Australia while running repairs were made to the plane’s engine.
  • Bahrain An unscheduled one-day stopover on the way back from Australia because the plane’s engine was knackered and needed replacing.
  • Singapore (2) A few days in the Singapore office on the way back from the second Australia trip
  • India A couple of hours in Delhi airport on the way to Australia which seemed like a lot longer.
  • Thailand A couple of hours in Bangkok airport on the way home from Australia
  • USA (2) 2nd honeymoon in Orlando (by which I mean honeymoon of a second marriage)
  • Tunisia Winter holiday in Sousse
  • USA (3) Los Angeles for a winter holiday. Saw in the New Year at Disneyland
  • France (4) Several day trips/booze cruises
  • USA (4) Orlando - the first week of a two-centre holiday
  • Bahamas The second week of the two-centre holiday, on Paradise island, Nassau
  • France (5) A couple of days in Disneyland Paris courtesy of Auntie Joan
  • The Netherlands (3) Staying with a friend in Leusdenhof, in the Amsterdam suburbs.
  • Corfu (2) One-week holiday just outside Corfu town.
  • France (6) 3rd (and final!) honeymoon. A few days in Paris
  • Corfu (3) Back to the same hotel, but this time for two weeks and taking the kids on their first foreign holiday.
  • Cyprus A few days in Cyprus for an uncle’s wedding.
  • Crete A two-week holiday near Heraklion.
  • Corfu (3) Another two weeks, this time in Sidari at the North of the island.
  • Belgium (2) An extended booze cruise - we carried on through France to visit the Belgian seaside town where Jayne spent some years as a child.
  • USA (5) A long weekend in New York to use up a pair of free tickets we won in a raffle. (Actually our MP won them but gave them to us, as her husband works for British Airways and they get enough flights.)
  • The Netherlands (4) A Long valentines weekend in Amsterdam to show Jayne the sights.
  • France (7) More day-trips by ferry , plus first time in the Channel Tunnel - from Ashford to Calais on a coach
  • France (8) Visits to Head Office for trade union meetings. First time on the Eurostar London-Paris route.

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