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Welcome to Circuit City

Some pages about Broadfield and Crawley (and me)

Broadfield in Crawley is where I live. The purpose of these pages was primarily to see if I could still remember how to do HTML by hand, and to update my knowledge and to include CSS/HTML4 by putting links in to all sorts of local information, and writing some myself. And then it just became a place for me to play around without impacting my real website.

Why "Circuit City"? Why not? Its quite fitting now that Crawley has hosted a 'Criteria' race on the national cycle circuit, and of course high-tech industry has replaced light engineering on the local industrial estate. And I like the name, and it was available.

I started putting this together in March 2003 and immediately stopped... In 2004 I decided to do a bit more... In 2005 I started playing with cascading style sheets... In 2008 I got a copy of some software called Evolution Website X5 to evaluate and review so I re-did the site using that software, and this is the result.

Broadfield from the air

Broadfield from the air - click on the picture for a larger version with captions.

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