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These links are nothing to do with Crawley - just places I enjoy or find useful.

  • Mistic River A site for owners of iRiver products.
  • The League Of Gentlemen This should really be a local link shouldn't it?
  • B3ta Not easy to describe - just go and have a look.
  • Sproutlore The official fansite for writer Robert Rankin (who lives in Sussex).
  • Amazon UK Not just the place for books, but good for music, films and toys as well.
  • Pandaf Golf A worryingly addictive golf game.
  • FilmWise For the weekly 'invisibles' competition.
  • A universal currency converter
  • Kontraband A source of amusement
  • Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy game The old text-based adventure game for the original IBM PC now available on the Internet. I couldn't do it then and I still can't do it now!
  • Spizzenergi Yes they are still going! And its still worth seeing them play live.
  • Football 365 More statistics than anyone could ever digest, even for the Conference league! And you can't visit this site without reading the John Nicholson pieces in the 'Opinion' section. He is so readable I am amazed he is not a household name.
  • Ken's Virtual Drumkit For the inner child...


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